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Well, so I think its 4, no clue on the "real" number of it or not
Anyway, I know we got some Final Fantasy fans here and didnt know if this would spark interest in anyone. (Feel like i posted this before but couldnt find a record of it)

It is a Fan game so to speak but basically you pick which class you want out of about 10. Dark Knight, Paladin, Young/Mature Caller, White/Black twin, Dragoon and such. You play through as such and can team up with other players or go solo. Once you beat the game you are allowed to unlock 2 new classes out of 10 more. Its actually been pretty well done and despite a bit of lag here and there, quite amazing.

You do need the Byond Program but its free to get.

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Since 4 is one of my personal favorites, I'll try it out. Probably be a Dragoon if anything.....gamer

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I'll have to check this out I really enjoyed FFxi online I was thinking of getting 14 but I heard it was garbage so... :/

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Expect it to me more along the lines of the actual old console games, not like XI or XIV

There actually is a FFV online too with this, but needs some work still.