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5/15/2011 10:52:18 PMrencontre des puts For ps3 call of duty black ops fans 
East Hartford, CT
28, joined May. 2011

whats up looking 4 a bad a** team in black ops only need 4 people feel free to try out not by your skill alone i wanna see your saved video to see how good you are but no campers stealth players know how to move all over the maps and keep going tag is Kyle122 my rank is 13th prestige

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5/19/2011 2:10:11 AMrencontre mussolini hitler For ps3 call of duty black ops fans 

hace tanto que perdi la calma que encontre la rabia esperando
Verdun, QC
37, joined May. 2011

Well it depends on camping bro, if your playing TDM then I would agree not to camp. BUT it also sucks to roll solo, as you should move in a unit which creates strong firepower. If your a solo player Halo is more suited for that Rambo look. If your playing Domination well that's designed to camp. I play ground war always, 9 on a team 3 players per flag. I run a 2.27% KDR (11th prestige) on one account, 2.87% KDR(not pres. yet)39 kill streak WITHOUT cheating or by using friends or split screen crap or any type of hacks. I also have a 7 kill grenade on Villa (LUCKY!!)only prob I have is you can be hacked by adding to your friends list which sucks. My 1st game was the Org. Doom on PC and used to rank 5th in the world on America Army Ops back in the day which was a 1 life per 10 minute rounds. want to try the hardest game ever? Play operation Flashpoint, Campaign mode is a ***** good luck if you do.