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5/13/2011 4:41:40 AMrencontres veuves What was da best an wackest game youve played? 
Pomona, CA
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Wat game was da best u ever played? And wich is da wackest evr made? Wat gaming system iz better?

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5/13/2011 4:34:34 PMmeilleur site de rencontre totalement gratuit 2012 What was da best an wackest game youve played? 
Cleveland, OH
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turning point fall of liberty i hate dat game so much

5/14/2011 11:16:46 PMpoeme le premier jour de notre rencontre What was da best an wackest game youve played? 
Oakland, CA
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The best game I've played is the 4th generation of Pokemon, while the game I hated the most is Call of Duty Black Ops since I'm terrible at FPSs.
Also, Pokemon Emerald was a pretty good game except some parts of it are poorly written. For example, when you meet Wallace in the Cave of Origin & he asks you where you think Rayquaza is, the game actually gives you THREE options to choose from when there can only be one. Not only that, but when you choose the wrong one, Wallace says something like "Rayquaza can't be there. I need you to think harder". Plus, the main character isnt supposed to know about the place where Ray actually is at that stage of the game anyway (Sky Pillar).

5/15/2011 5:34:21 AMchat aude What was da best an wackest game youve played? 
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Maniac Mansion. What were they smoking to come up with that stuff?

5/15/2011 10:09:38 PMhistorique rencontres algerie egypte What was da best an wackest game youve played? 

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Howell, NJ
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Haha I totally remember Maniac Mansion!

Best game is a hard one cause there's a list a mile long. Worst would be... another long list. I will have to get back to you.

5/16/2011 10:19:06 AMrencontres du canada ca What was da best an wackest game youve played? 
Little Elm, TX
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*****Spoilers******* Ignore if you plan to play Postal 2.

Postal 2 was pretty wacky. Twisted is probably a better description. This isn't the best game I have ever played but probably the wackiest. I though it was hilarious but some people might not see the humor.

You smoke weed as a power up. You can cram your gun barrel up a cats a** to use it as a silencer. You can get a can of gas and a match light someone on fire then piss on them once they are dead.

At one point you get jumped by some rednecks and you wake up in a trunk with a gimp suit on similar to the "Zed" scene in Pulp Fiction.

You get in to a rocket launcher fight in the mall with the mascot of a popular kids doll name Krotchy who looks a nut-sack.

Any.... Gary Coleman is the end boss if I remember correct.

Edit: Ohhh wackest.... I though you meant wackiest.

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